Like I said, I love lists. I love making them, I love checking them (twice) and I love completing them. Because of my attention detail, I am successful at planning event.

On campus, I plan an event called Thursday Nights at the Lounge. The event is held every Thursday Night in DePaul’s Student Center.

Weekly Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate with student center employees, graphic designer, food service and schedule performers to execute Thursday Night at the Lounge every week.
  • Promote event on social media and around campus to generate an average weekly audience of 119 people.
  • Plan games for the event (Bingo, Scattegories, Karaoke).
  • Host Thursday Nights at the Lounge.
  • Design promotional graphics for social media accounts.


Ultimately, I am in charge of scheduling performers, promoting the event and planning games.


  • In order to generate greater awareness for Thursday Nights and to increase crowd excitement over raffle prizes, I created a tumblr cup with our logo on it.
  • Post on Twitter and Facebook regarding each event’s performers and create a Facebook event.
  • Our graphic designer creates a poster for each week, which is hung around campus, created into 110+ table tents distributed on lunch tables and a large version is hung in the location of the event.


  • Coordinate with all performers in order to set up a quarterly schedule that works for them.
  • Schedule a mix of artists, talents and performers. This is a platform for not only music artists but all performers, including comediennes and magicians.

Planning games:

  • Conduct a raffle each week with three winners.
  • Plan and run games including: scattegories, bingo, trivia, and karaoke.


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