As a part of the social media obsessed generation, I know my way around just about any social media platform. However, as the social media director for 14 East Magazine and Her Campus, I have developed an understanding of branding. Both organizations have a distinct style. 14 East is more formal than Her Campus, while Her Campus is more personal. Below are examples that show how I have tailored each organization’s social media posts based on branding and style.

14 East, Social Media Director:

As the social media director for 14 East, I’m in charge of our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Below are my responsibilities and accomplishments:

Weekly Responsibilities:

  • Design weekly magazine covers and graphics using Canva.
  • Draft 30+ weekly Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posts.
  • Developed social media strategy.
  • Develop promotional campaigns for 14 East Events and special series
    • 14 East & Friends Fundraiser
    • Women in Journalism: Modern Struggles and Triumphs
    • 2017 Profile Series

Accomplishments: Grew Facebook following by 130%, Twitter following by 39% and Instagram following by 169% in 12 weeks.

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Her Campus DePaul, Social Media Director:

As the social media director I am in charge of our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest account.

Weekly Responsibilities:

  • Draft 14 Facebook and Twitter posts.
  • Create unique boards on Pinterest.
  • Interact with followers and other Her Campus chapters.
  • Share information from other DePaul organizations.
  • Run occasional give away contests.

Accomplishments: We have 543 likes on Facebook and 515 followers on Twitter, each of which before my team and I gained control of the accounts winter quarter 2016, were below 450.

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