So You Think You Can Perform

So You Think You Can Perform was a new special event for Thursday Nights, which I partnered with the DePaul Activities Board to execute. It developed from a hip-hop battle to a performance competition (of any kind) between DePaul students. The event took place on February 16, 2017 and ended with 140 attendees.

In order to successfully execute this event, I had to come up with a plan of action: how the event would be organized, who I would invite to compete, the rules and what the incentive would be for performers.

To find competitors: I placed flyers in the mail box of 100+ student organizations on campus. I sent the flyer to past performers at Thursday Nights via e-mail and posted the flyer on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, I hung a poster in the Student Center’s annex.

Basic Organization: Each competitor was given a 10 minute slot to perform. At the end of the performance, three judges (DePaul Activities Board members) scored the performance on a scale of 1-10. After all competitors performed, the audience voted via Twitter poll  for their favorite.

Incentive: Chartwells (food service company) sponsored the event, giving the winner a $30 gift card. First Place received a $30 gift card and trophy. Second and Third place received a trophy.

Promotion: In order to create an awareness about the event, I hung poster up around the Student Center and other areas on DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus. I posted on Facebook and Twitter, created a Facebook event and requested that all performers share the event on their Facebook accounts.

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