Public Speaking 

I am a talker. Always have been, always will be. Through coursework, I have learned how to channel my love for talking into public speaking. Below is a persuasive speech that I gave in my public speaking class about the power of peaceful protesting.


Radio Broadcasting:

I have also learned to channel my love for talking into radio broadcasting. Since my freshman year at DePaul I have been involved in DePaul’s radio station.

Radio DePaul

I am a newscaster for Radio DePaul. I aggregate latest local/national/international news and report on air twice a week. In addition I create at least two audio packages a quarter in which I delve into a news story. I do this by compiling interviews and information into a 3-5 minute segment.

Radio DePaul Sports

I host a show on Radio DePaul Sports called Marissa Does Sports. Each show, I bring on an expert in the sports industry (the term ‘expert’ is used loosely. All I require is that the guest knows more about a sport than I do.) Each show is designated to a specific topic in sports that I don’t know anything about. My guest explains the sport to me, clears up misconceptions through a myth or fact segment and we discuss recent news in the topic.